eclipse plugin for python

Installing eclipse plugin for python:

eclipse version: eclipse-jee-galileo-win32
update manager url:

Help -> Install New Software

    Add ...

Name: pydev

Work With: pydev


        PyDev for Eclipse

install plugin

restart eclipse

Window -> Preference -> PyDev -> Interpreter - Python -> New..

Add python.exe (of python26 installed on my desktop)

Click OK (it will do some validations)

Open PyDev prespective

Configuring auto-refresh
Eclipse by default (at least on 3.1) does not refresh 
things automatically, so, if you make changes outside of the workspace, you will 
not see the changes until you refresh it (F5 on the navigator). However, you can 
change the default setting and ask Eclipse to refresh automatically.

To set auto-refresh, go to window > preferences > general > workspace 
and check the refresh automatically check-box.

NOTE: not doing so may have some specially strange results with .pyc files not 
being deleted, as pydev will only acknowledge that the .pyc file exists on a refresh.

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