Enabling trace for a WebSphere Application Server v5.x

You can enable or disable trace support for a WebSphere Application Server v5.x test environment or server. You can use trace to obtain detailed information about the execution of run-time components, including application servers, clients, and other processes in the environment. Trace files show the time and sequence of methods called by run-time base classes, and you can use these files to pinpoint the failure.

To enable or disable tracing:

  • In the Servers view, double-click the server to open it. The server editor opens.
  • Click the Trace tab at the bottom of the editor.
  • Select the Enable trace check box.
  • In the Trace string text box, type a trace string that specifies the components, packages, or groups to trace. The trace string should be entered in the following format: component = trace_type = enabled, where component is the component for which to enable or disable tracing, and trace_type is the type of tracing to enable or disable. For example, to see how the connection manager pool is behaving, type com.ibm.ejs.cm.*=all=enabled in this box.
  • In the Trace output file field, type the directory where you want the log saved.
  • Save and close the server editor.