The WebSphere Application Server provides a JNDI-based utility that dumps information about the WebSphere name space. The naming service for the WebSphere Application Server host must be running to use this utility. To run the utility, run the following command:

was_home/bin/dumpNameSpace.bat [-keyword value]

where keywords and values include:

-host hostname
WebSphere host whose namespace you want to dump. The default is the local host.

-report [short | long]

Dumps the binding name and bound object type, which is essentially what JNDI Context.list()provides.

Dumps the binding name, bound object type, local object type, and string representation of the local object (that is, IORs, string values, and so forth, are printed).

Use the help parameter to view a complete list of keywords and values you can specify:

was_home/bin/dumpNameSpace.bat -help